Tuesday 2 March 2010

Hugin ok Munin

Some pyrography for today's blog. Hugin and Munin, Odin's Ravens, or if you want: Wisdom and Memory. They fly everyday around the nine worlds and later they return to their owner to inform Him about all the things viewed in their travels.

The other ornaments in the box are inspired in the classic Oseberg style, related with the burial treasure found in Tønsberg (Norway), dated in 9th century CE. The front Fylfot its based in a Gothic eagle brooch made in the Balkans in 4th century CE. It has also a Runic inscription extracted from the Elder Edda's Grimnismál, st 20:

Huginn ok Muninn fljúga hverjan dag Jörmungrund yfir; óumk ek of Hugin at hann aftr né komit, þó sjámk meir um Munin.


Hugin and Munin fly each day over the spacious earth. I fear for Hugin, that he come not back, yet more anxious am I for Munin.

Hope you like it.

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