Sunday 29 April 2012


Throughout our brief but intense history as artisans (since 2009) we have taken into consideration that many people often ask the same things about our work or when they want any item or customized piece. So here are the things that we are asked for. It is highly probable that we leave aside any other “classic” question, and for that reason we will be making this FAQ bigger as long as the time goes by. Those are the more common:

1. How many you are in Huldukottr?
We are only 2 people.

2. Is what's in the Blog / Facebook / whatever for sale?
Yes, most things are for sale. Some other can be sold/produced with minor changes, see next point.

3. Why are products for sale and others not?
Because some of the products that are exposed on the internet are custom orders. We have a rule as craftspeople, if we charge someone the exclusivity of a design /article, we do not repeat it, and only that person will have the exclusivity of the product.

4. But I have seen one thing that you have done to another person exclusively and I would love to have it.
All we can do is to make something similar, like a similar carving, with the same or similar colors. What we do is never an exact replica.

5. So ... Is everything that you will make for me an unique craft? Will anyone have the same craft as mine?
If you want the absolute exclusivity, you will pay for it. Usually the customer who wants something personalized, asks us either drawing to take this or that way, for taking some particular symbol ... and we will carve it on any craft later. That customer does not mind if we use that design for any other work later by usual. Therefore, we charge only the job of designing what we are asked for and to make the piece for him/her. But there are other people who wants that exclusivity, and that is why you are charged for the exclusivity of which we spoke at first.

6. I've missed the point, so, that bracelet / purse / whatever I would like to have and is not placed as a custom job would not you going to repeat it again?
If it is not marked as a custom work, is what we call a catalog item, and it would be repeated as many times as needed, until we say otherwise.

7. Can you carve what I want?
Generally yes, bearing in mind that what we usually do is related to the art of pre-Christian European cultures. Which does not mean that if you ask us to make something that have anything to do with this artistic trend, we will do likewise if it is in our hand, and if we consider interesting. By the way, we say a big NO to symbols related to the three best known major religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism), neither Nazi party stuff. If you want your brand new wallet with the Waffen SS logo, don't waste your time with us. In the other hand, if you want any item with, lets say, your biker club logo for example, we are able to do so.

8. Does this mean that you can make a complex Norse / Celtic design I've seen in a bag or guitar strap on an 8cm/3’’ cuff?
No, the smaller the item, the less detail we can place on it. What we are able to do is to make an adapted version from a design that you like, if it´s possible, but certainly will not look the same as in the original article that you have seen.

9. Do you carve only your own designs?
Yes by usual, since we are requested for none existing things so we must to create it from zero. But if someone gives us a drawing or a "historical / archaeological" pattern for carving we will do likewise, and therefore the price will be lowered.

10. I've seen any of your designs in an item that is available for sale (i.e. a bracelet) and I want it in another item (i.e. a bag) is it possible?
Sure, as long as we can do the same in the work that you want (see question number 7), we can also do a customized version changing the colours, the shape or even change it all.

11. Will you use the colours that I want?
No, you can choose the available colours, or suggest another that we find interesting and would fit in the work. So to speak, if you order a pink bracelet, for example, we're not going to do so. The available colours are: Black, Brown, Red, Green, Gold, Silver and of course the natural color of the leather itself. We can also make variations of these tones, Light Brown, Dark Brown ... for example.

12. But I'm not from Spain, do you ship abroad?
Huldukottr sell worldwide, no matter if you live in the other side of the world.

13. Why I must to pay the 50 percent of the total amount in advance, before you begin the work?
Because we are not going to work for you during several days until you convince the drawing and we´ve exchanged 10 emails, and then you say that you cannot afford the amount until the next month or until your birthday.
This has already happened to us, and will not happen again.
We put our best in what we do, and we give the best of ourselves until you are happy with your craft. If you see the cost of similar things out there, you will know that we are not charging so much for our services. We are doing this for a living and we pay bills and taxes, like everyone else. We are not hippies who haggle as if this were a suburban market, but we will do the craft that makes you happy.

Kaine Arthursson & Asvör Hrodgardottir.

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