Monday 2 May 2016

Some information about us

Hulduköttr is born in september of 2009, being a heathen society dedicated to leathercraft and composed by Kaine Arthursson and Ásvör Hrodgardóttir. Our production is mainly bracers, wristbands, purses ,belts, carved horns, some wood works...although we make other works such as billfolders, wallets, guitar straps , furnitures, tattoo designs, logo designs, designs for T shirts or anything that inspiration or neediness requires.

Our workplace is located in La Coruña city, Galicia (Spain). We deal with handcured vegetal tanned leather, an outcome for what we feel a wide respect, so professionally as spiritually, honouring the former animal in each item that we put into practize.

Considering leathercraft as an activity so old as humanity exists, in Hulduköttr we venerate the oldest traditions. Eventually, we keep in mind our current times, therefore we allow tha any contemporary influence holds our work.

Nature Life Powers, represented under a heathen point of view, is the main inspiration source in Hulduköttr. Germanic tribes art along their history, their archeology, styles and influences are our essential motivation. Borre, Jelling, Oseberg or Ringerike styles, even Roman influence in the Migration Period are subject thoroughly analyzed by us. Consequently, another basic influence is the Celtic art raised from Hallstatt and La Tene cultures and then the christian period in Ireland and Scotland.

We know that this kind of art were not raised from nowhere, so we are constantly learning from whose teached them. Research and apprenticeship, is one of our first premises.